What to Watch This Weekend & Beyond

Join us on a journey from Anderson's Asteroid City to Cameron's Pandora...

The Spotlight

  • New Indiana Jones film hits theatres.

  • Jennifer Lawrence returns with sexy comedy.

  • TÁR & Avatar: The Way of Water are now available to stream.

  • We celebrate Paul Thomas Anderson’s birthday.

And be sure to stick around until the end when we share our favourite films to watch if you liked Asteroid City, Reality & TÁR.

What’s At The Cinema?

The fifth & final instalment of Indiana Jones starring Harrison Ford.

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny marks the highly-anticipated return of the film series since 2008’s Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull. In this fifth and final instalment, Jones (somehow) finds himself in hot water for opposing Nazis being recruited by the U.S. government and sets out to find a time-travelling dial before it falls into enemy hands.

Check it out if you love adventure and hate fascists. It hits the screens on June 30th.

No Hard Feelings stars Jennifer Lawrence as a soon-to-be bankrupt thirty-something trying to get by— sounds relatable. She accepts an unlikely Craigslist gig: helicopter dating a shy, introverted 19-year-old. With lots of sex and parties, it’s the perfect movie to take your awkward child to!

There’s still time to catch Asteroid City, The Flash & Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse on the big screen.

What’s Available to Stream?

Cate Blanchett looking stressed by Netflix’s lack of options.

New to streaming this week, depending on where you are and if you use a VPN or not:

Prime Video: TÁR (2022), Armageddon Time (2022)
Hulu: Barbarian (2022), Infinity Pool (2023)
Netflix: Extraction 2 (2023), Missing (2023)
MAX: Evil Dead Rise (2023), Reality (2023)
Disney +: Avatar: The Way of Water (2022)
Apple TV: Ghosted (2023)

Prime Video has added TÁR (2022), a movie in which Cate Blanchett has rightly garnered critical acclaim for portraying Lydia Tár, the first female chief conductor at the Berlin Philharmonic.

The movie is more than just Tár throwing shade at whoever pisses her off, it’s actually an insightful commentary on power dynamics and cancel culture. It’s our pick of the bunch!

On Hulu, you can find out what happens when a suburban Airbnb with some creepy shit downstairs gets double-booked. Justin Long and Georgina Campbell star in Barbarian (2022), a screwball horror that’ll make you overanalyse your relationship with your mom.

If you still haven’t seen James Cameron’s super expensive movie about those blue things, you can now check it out on Disney+. Elsewhere, Reality (2023) is a must-watch for those critical of the United States’ pesky surveillance tactics. Make sure you’re stocked up on aluminium foil for this one.

What We’re Watching

Adam Sandler playing the harmonium in Punch-Drunk Love.

Whether you still buy DVDs or have a hook for an arm, we humbly recommend these three Paul Thomas Anderson films in celebration of his recent birthday:

Punch-Drunk Love (2002) is Anderson’s most heartwarming film. It stars Adam Sandler as a toilet-plunger salesman who has seven abusive sisters, buys pudding for the frequent-flyer miles, and fights for love.

It’s the ideal movie to watch on date night or to learn what to do when you’re being blackmailed by a phone-sex line. The film won Anderson the Best Director award at the 2002 Cannes film festival.

The Master (2012) also known as Anderson’s Scientology movie centres around Freddie Quell (Joaquin Phoenix), an aimless World War II vet who encounters an enigmatic leader of a religious movement, Lancaster Dodd (Philip Seymour Hoffman).

Freddie likes mixing his own drinks, having sex with sand sculptures of women and jumping on board strange ships— call him for a good time.

Phantom Thread (2017) is Daniel Day-Lewis’ final film in which he plays Reynolds Woodcock, an obsessively meticulous dressmaker, whose world is forever changed when he meets Alma (Vicky Krieps) in 1950s London.

If you were once one of those Tumblr junkies that endlessly posted cobblestoned streets, cloudy skies and steamy cups of tea, then this one’s for you. Anderson was inspired by Hitchcock’s Rebecca (1940) when he wrote this haunting love story.

If You Liked…

Moonrise Kingdom, arguably Wes Anderson’s signature movie.

Asteroid City: Moonrise Kingdom (2012), Nope (2022), Synecdoche, New York (2008)

Reality: Snowden (2016), The Fifth Estate (2013), Enemy of the State (1998)

TÁR: Black Swan (2010), Whiplash (2014), Birdman (2014)

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